Saucebox Logo

Quick highlights: Branding/concept, photography, Photoshop, hand drawn illustration, Illustrator, book layout, book making, package design, character development

Saucebox is a fictional fast-casual pasta restaurant developed as part of a brand development exercise. The name, concept, them, and art style were developed from the ground up. Deliverables include a logo and logotype, a brand identity and specs sheet including colors, typefaces, and original artowrk, a brand book, printed and hand-bound, business card, letterhead, envelelope, menu, 3 packaging samples, and a guerilla marketing example.


Saucebox Brand Book - Spread 1

Saucebox Brand Book - Spread 2

Saucebox Brand Book - Spread 3

Saucebox Branding Package

Saucebox Menu and Sauce Packaging

Saucebox Pasta Box

Saucebox Breadstick Bag